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Our Story


Established in 2012, Sunesis Consulting, LLC, was built from a desire to provide writing and editorial assistance for various genres of writing. By combining education with experience, we have achieved several milestones, including grant awards and publications on behalf of our clients.


Our Mission


Writing so that others may reach the world around them.

Our Vision


A world in which people live comfortably with writing.

We Are Here

Our consultants are available to assist you with your latest projects. Do you require someone who has experience in academic, business or other areas of writing? Explore our site, and contact us when you are ready.

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Experience in Field

We have more than 25 years of thorough editing, research and writing skills.

Timely Solutions

We work with clients to offer the best products under the toughest time constraints.

Results Driven

We strive to provide quality service and exceed the expectations of clients.